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How much and how often should you feed your dog?

How much and how often should you feed your dog?



How often should feed your dog?

Even though dogs don’t keep track of time as humans do, one thing is for sure; dogs love routine. So, how do they tell time? Well, their circadian rhythm makes them know it is time for any routine task. Even then, the number of times you should feed adult dogs differs from those of puppies. It is known fact that dog treats are their favorite, but following a schedule will definitely have a positive impact on their health.

Control the portion

If your dog can’t stop eating apply the portion control approach. Start by finding out its ideal weight from your veterinarian. If you’re using commercial foods follow the guidelines indicated on the bag according to its weight. In instances cases, you realize the printed amount exceeds what your dog requires let your vet calculate the precise amount.

 Teach gradually

Most dogs dig in immediately the bowl is put on the floor. However, some, especially the adopted ones, are finicky eaters, particularly during the first few days. The fact the dog has just been thrust into a new surrounding with new people make them too nervous to eat. So, train him to eat according to a schedule. Leave the bowl of food on the floor for a few minutes and then pick it up regardless of whether it has eaten or not. Repeat this every feeding time and your dog will start eating.

  Use the recommended schedule

Experts recommend feeding your dog two times a day; in the morning and in the evening. Give him breakfast around seven in the morning and dinner six in the evening. Besides such a feeding schedule keeping their metabolism stable it promotes digestion, which, in turn, improves your dog’s overall health. However, for puppies aged five months and below, feed them 3-4 times per day or according to guidelines from your veterinarian.


Once your dog is able to follow your feeding program and eats the right portion, the next thing is to prepare a schedule for giving him water. Generally, you should leave a fresh bowl of water in the vicinity of your pet in the morning and in the evening works best. Let them have clean water within easy reach so they can take after every activity. However, if you suspect your canine is over drinking, you can schedule the number of times and the amount of water you supply him with water. Even then, you need to watch your dog closely and if he appears thirsty, promptly provide a larger quantity.

Benefits of regular schedules

Besides establishing a routine for good health of your dog regular routines enable you to monitor its health. Availing to him food throughout the day makes it difficult to notice any change in his eating habits. However, if the dog normally eats enthusiastically immediately you leave the bowl, and you begin to notice a lack of enthusiasm, you can easily conclude it is not feeling well.


Depending on your dog’s needs, age and circumstances there are many ways you can feed him. Body weight as well as how often he sleeps also determines how much and how often you should feed him. If your pet sleeps a lot he is not burning off a lot of calories and as such smaller portions will do.

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